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Writer's Block: Pet central

Some animal rights activists are fighting to replace the term 'owner' with 'guardian' to convey a more balanced relationship between a person and her or his pet. Do you agree or disagree with the importance of this mission?

I m'self don't dig the term "owner" much - mostly because they own me more than I them. I simply provide them with food, shelter, toys, and love. I'm not against the term "guardian," but I don't understand why anyone would be "fighting" for the change. Why is this a thing? Is this really the only thing these people have to worry about? Lucky them.

I really don't see how changing what we call the caretakers of pets will change... well, anything. It's not the words that matter; it's how these people - guardian, owner, caretaker, whatever - treat their pets that we should be concerned with. As long as the pets are fed, sheltered, and loved, what the hell does the term matter?

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This LJ is mostly friends-only -- not really out of paranoia, but I like knowing what's being read and by whom. I don't actively seek out new friends (meaning I rarely, if ever, friend someone first), but my LJ isn't "closed," either. If you add me, I'll generally add you in return.

My profile should give you a fairly decent, if vague idea of who I am. Caveat, though: if you take issues with liberals or Pagans (of which I am both), don't bother.

I really don't pay much mind to the "such-and-such has friended you" notices, so if you do feel so inclined and add me as friend, a comment or message would be appreciated. (Also, comments to this post are deleted fairly regularly, but I try to reply to them before doing so.)

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